The LAWATAP (Laser Assisted Wide Angle Tomographic Atom Probe) was developed by CAMECA in Rouen France. It has a traditional electrode, an integrated Field Ion Microscope (FIM) imaging unit and can only be used for wire samples. The custom electrode of the LAWATAP does not allow the usage of microtip coupons. However it also does not suffer from the vulnerability of the local electrode.

The LAWATAP does not provide a reflectron. This results in a lower mass resolution, but allows a higher detection efficiency. It can use IR, green and UV femtosecond laser pulses or voltage pulses for field evaporation.

As the only instrument in our lab the LAWATAP has a dedicated Field Ion Microscopy (FIM) screen.

For more information please visit the manufacturer's website: http://www.cameca.fr/instruments-for-research/atom-probe.aspx